About Us

Nature of Present Business

Yuranus Infrastructure Limited acts as promoters, organizers, developers and traders of land, estate, property, co-operative housing societies, association, housing schemes, shopping-office complexes, townships, farms, farm houses, holiday resorts, hotels, motels and to finance with or without security for the same and to deal with and improve such properties either as owners or as agents.

YURANUS INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED is a company that requires effective decision-making and oversight to ensure its success. To achieve this, the company has formed various committees of the board of directors to manage different aspects of the business.


 The first committee is the audit committee, which is responsible for reviewing and monitoring the company's financial statements and accounting policies, and here is the information of members of Audit Committee

Mr. Atul Jayantilal Shah  - Chairman

Mr. Mohit Dinesh Desai    - Member

Mr. Rajendrakumar Shantilal Gandhi   - Member


The second committee is the Nomination And Remuneration Committee, which is responsible for reviewing the company's corporate governance policies, deciding upon the terms and conditions with remuneration of employment of board and nominating new board members, composition of which is as follows.

Atul J Shah    - Chairman

Rajendrakumar S Gandhi   - Member


Lastly The Stakeholders Relationship Committee of YURANUS INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED is responsible for ensuring effective communication and engagement with the company's stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and regulatory authorities which is governed by below mentioned persons.

Atul Jayantilal Shah   - Chairman

Rajendrakumar Shantilal Gandhi     - Member

Nisha Mohit Desai     - Member

Yuranus Infrastructure Limited is a reputed company that is committed to providing high-quality infrastructure services to its customers. As with any organization, there may be instances where customers or stakeholders may have grievances or complaints. In order to address these issues in a timely and effective manner, Yuranus Infrastructure Limited has established an email address for grievance Redressal.

Customers and stakeholders can reach out to Yuranus Infrastructure Limited at info@yuranusinfra.com to raise any concerns or grievances that they may have. This email address is closely monitored by the company's grievance Redressal team, who are trained to handle such complaints in a professional and empathetic manner.

When sending an email to the grievance Redressal team at Yuranus Infrastructure Limited, customers are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible about the issue they are facing. This includes relevant information such as their name, contact details, and a brief description of the issue they are facing. The more information that is provided, the easier it will be for the company's grievance Redressal team to investigate and resolve the issue in a timely manner.

Apart from the email address for grievance Redressal, Yuranus Infrastructure Limited also has several other communication channels that customers and stakeholders can use to get in touch with the company.

In conclusion, Yuranus Infrastructure Limited is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and support, and has established several communication channels to ensure that customers and stakeholders can easily reach out to the company with any queries or grievances they may have. The email address for grievance Redressal is a key component of this communication strategy, and customers can be assured that any complaints or issues they raise will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care.